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Other types of resistance
Different types of mechanical resistance can be assessed on prints: resistance to adhesive tape, resistance to scratching with a finger nail, resistance to crumpling, folding or even abrasion resistance.

These characteristics are required as a function of clients’ and instructing parties’ specifications. We recommend you communicate the specifications to us so that we can propose the most suitable products.

For instance, certain applications require specific heat resistance. This is the case for example for:
Hot stamping
Direct thermal printing on thermal paper. The prints must be able to withstand temperatures between 65 and 85°C in order to avoid fouling of the printing heads.
Heat sealing: the resistance of the print and therefore the ink must be at least 30°C above the heat sealing temperature of the substrate.
Tunnel drying

It is vital that the printer knows the final application of the printed material. This information is required by the ink manufacturer so that it can recommend the most suitable product.

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