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Printability with UV inks

Whatever the type of paper or cardboard, printability is good. However, some papers with fragile coatings require the tack of the ink to be reduced in order to avoid pull-off, linting problems, etc.
In the case of UV Flexo printing on very porous substrates (uncoated), the ink vehicle may be absorbed too quickly by the substrate due to its low viscosity and may lead to a phenomenon of marbling.

Synthetic and non-absorbent substrates

The comments made with regard to conventional offset inks also apply to UV drying. However, adhesion problems may arise, even when the substrate has been correctly treated. This is because certain synthetics, such as PVC, contain lubricants that can migrate to the surface. This adversely affects the adhesion, even when the surface tension is correct. In all cases, tests should be carried out beforehand on the press itself
or in our laboratories.
Metallised and metallic substrates

As with offset inks, specific formulations are available for printing on metal.
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