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Ink profile
The performance of ink ranges are described according to 6 criteria graphically represented by the ink profile. Each criterion is assigned a simple rating between 1 and 6:
• 1 = average to low performance.
• 6 = excellent performance.

Exemple : Gamme Photon A 3000.
 By visualising the technical profile of a range, the printer can predict the behaviour of the ink on the press as well as the qualitative results of the print, providing a suitable substrate has been chosen.
Definitions of ink performance criteria:
• Drying: Ability of an ink to dry under UV light, i.e. ability of the ink to be printed at high speed without causing drying problems.
• Adhesion: Ability of an ink to adhere to synthetic substrates.
• Colour strength: Ability of an ink to obtain maximum optical density with a minimum amount of ink.
• Gloss: Intensity of light reflected by the dry ink film (very dependent on the surface condition of the substrate).
• Rub / scratch resistance: Ability of the dry ink film to withstand rubbing and physical aggressions.
• Press stability: Ability of the ink to conserve all of its properties (rheology, transfer, etc.) during a print run.
• Overprinting: Ability of an ink to receive a thermal transfer, hot stamping, lamination, laser printing, etc.
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