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Colorimetric Compliance Report

When printing the logos of major brand names, it is vital that the exact colour is reproduced. It is therefore indispensable to ensure the technical and commercial relationship between the printer and the client is secured.

The Colorimetric Compliance Report is a document made secure by an anti-counterfeiting device. It is produced by the colorimetric laboratory of the Dayamix system® colour matching station in accordance with the printer’s specifications. In addition to test drawdowns printed with three inking levels, it also includes an extremely precise colorimetric analyses print out.
The Colorimetric Compliance Report makes it possible to assure the constancy of print work quality, with the Dayamix system® colour matching station ensuring the perfect reproducibility of the ink for each manufacture. In accordance with the ISO 9001 Standard, it enables the requirements relative to the product (chapter 7.2.2) on the one hand and the communication with the Client, on the other hand to be met.
The networked website allows the different colour matching stations to exchange technical information on reference colours and to share their experience.
The BRANCHER Company builds on this knowledge and feeds back this know how to the whole network. This feedback allows each Dayamix system® colour matching system to offer its clientele an ever expanding level of expertise.
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