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With the know how and expertise of its specialist teams, the BRANCHER Company has long been committed to the preservation of the Environment. Located in the Centre Region of France, the leading French region for the production of wind energy, it benefits from a dynamic environmental network.

In order to attain excellence in energy, waste and safety management, the Company has set up a team of specialists in a “Quality, Safety & Environment” skills centre.
The skills centre also provides support to customers on regulatory issues and advises the Research and Development Department on questions such as the use of inks with foodstuff packaging or the exclusion of hazardous products in formulations. It is also responsible for posting the Company’s Material Safety Data Sheets on-line and ensuring the formulation constraints imposed by the REACH* regulation applicable to chemical substances are complied with fully.

All of the Company’s products are formulated with the maximum amount of renewable raw materials, such as vegetable oils (linseed oil, wood oil, soya oil), vegetable based thinners and resins (rape, rosin) and rheology modifiers from natural sources (kaolin).

- The BRANCHER Company has been ISO 9001 certified for more than 20 years.

- It actively supports the Imprim’Vert® initiative, to which printers are very attached.

Continuous involvement…
… of Management to improve staff safety.
… of Staff to save energy and cut down on waste.
The BRANCHER Company is situated on an industrial site subject to local authority authorisation under the control of the DRIRE (French Regional Board for Industry, Research and Environment).
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