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Flexo / Gravure varnishes
Their principal advantage is their low cost.

Formulation :

Two types of flexo formulation are available : water based acrylic resin solutions or dispersions (water based flexo varnishes) and solvent based cellulosic resins (solvent based flexo varnishes).
Gravure varnishes are solvent based cellulosic formulations.

Use :

These varnishes are applied using conventional flexo and gravure printing units.
They are used for in line wet-on-wet varnishing of flexo and gravure inks respectively.

Characteristics :
Drying by coalescence (water based varnishes) or by evaporation (solvent based varnishes) is rapid or even instantaneous (hot air dryers are used).

> See “Flexo and Gravure Inks” .